Hi! I'm Olaf. I was born in Poland, about twenty years later than I'd prefer. Thereupon, I cannot remember the magic 80's regardless to how hard I try. But I've found it possible to revive the 80's. I've set this site to share with you my imagination of 80s and help you feel like those days were never gone. I'd really appreciate any help of you - I'm going to show you something and - I hope - you'll teach me about something, too. Please, enjoy your stay at "Bring Back 80's"! Best regards, Olaf. Read more about me »

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The Red Head

poniedziałek, 12 kwietnia 2010 3 komentarze

Think of Toyota Prius, Chrysler Voyager, Porsche Cayenne (sorry, I know it hurts!).

Who the hell might feel anything positive to these cars (anything! Not even mentioning love!)? No one, that's simply impossible. They have to take you from A to B, simultaneously licking ecologists' asses, comforting mother-in-law, and entertaining a herd of children. SUVs, kombis - they're strictly soulless. They have to be useful. Remember this word. "Useful" automatically crosses out any entertainment, fun, joy, horniness. And - as well - automatically crosses out their presence in this blog. The car of 80s must have a soul. And, certainly, so has the red arrow, I'm gonna show you tonite.

A quick tip for girls:
Do you know how to make your boyfriend, husband cum in a second?
Tell him really slowly: Maranello, Pininfarina, Testarossa.

These three words above (which I shouldn't probably mention in that context, but who cares) describe the soul of the car I want to remind to you. And I've forgotten the last word, the clue.

Maranello is a city in Modena, northern part of Italy. The city where the Ferrari factory located is. Pininfarina is a name of car design company, creator of the most beautiful vehicles ever. Finally Testarossa. Testarossa means "the Red Head".

Ferrari Testarossa

Trying to get to the essence of 80's motorization, you might consider American cruisers, the most annoying German cars for people*, but you won't feel the magic without mentioning Ferrari, the soul of Italy.

*Whoever has invited Volkswagen, should be damned for ever!

4,943 liters engine and 390 hp. Could be better? Probably yes, while newer models - provided with the same engine - reached 428KM (F512TR), and 440KM (F512M). But remember - it's 80s.

Numbers are only an addition.

 The perfect car has to look great and have soul. And if it gains 290 or 300 kph doesn't really matter.

Ferrari Testarossa

That's also the explanation why Testarossa (produced 1984-1991) reached its great popularity, simultaneously not achieving any significant racing successes.

Ferrari Testarossa

There might be plenty of poems written to fully describe the beauty of Testarossa, but sometimes words are just meaningless. And this - certainly - is one of these times.


What next?
As soon as I stop crying for Testarossa, I'm gonna show you something
at least as magic as Ferrari. What it's gonna be?
I've still got so many ideas and still don't know which to publish first.
Maybe it's a proper time for a little surprise?


sobota, 10 kwietnia 2010 0 komentarze

In the face of tragedy, all people are even. Let the memory of today's catastrophe's victims remain as a symbol of this world's fragility and life's shortness. Honour those, who died, serving the Motherland till their very last. Honour Poles, who died 70 years ago, and these, who breathed their last breath today.

Death is the only thing over divisions,
such as memory is the only thing that remains.

Wieczny odpoczynek racz im dać Panie,
a światłość wiekuista niech im świeci na wieki wieków. Amen.

If you remembered Julie

piątek, 9 kwietnia 2010 0 komentarze

Hi there once again,

the second post, the second step to the immortality. Ok, not that quickly. ;)

A few days ago I mentioned I want to show you a magical world of 80s. Songs, artists, films, actors, events, etc. I came in time to remind you the intro from Knight Rider (I'm gonna dedicate it a special post in the nearest future). So - if it's really the second - please forgive me beginning with the song released in 1993 as it's quite early 90s and still strongly influenced by 80s. It's Julia by Chris Rea.

Chris Rea

Probably most people knows it as it's still quite a popular song. So what's the reason Chris Rea was mentioned now? The song's name. Name. Name. I dunno whether you've noticed, almost every band has its own Julie. So had Chris Rea and so had Shakin' Stevens, the second musician I'm gonna show you. Enjoy the first step into the real 80's atmosphere. Oh Julie by Shakin' Stevens, song released in 1982.

Michael "Shaky" Barratt

D'ya feel that?! D'ya feel?! ;) Let someone tell me there's no power in this song. All in all, it's pretty addicting but still not the one this post is really about.

The third song I want to show you tonight is probably the best Polish rock-ballad ever.

The band, Budka Suflera, was set yet in mid 70s but the song I think about was released in 1982. Almost forty years of activity brought changes of the vocalists and - obviously -
the one who Budka Suflera hasn't even released a CD with, was also an author of band's best ever song.

Jolka, Jolka, pamiętasz (Julie, Julie, you remember) is a beautiful song connecting generations of Poles all over the World. Certainly, it's the most heart-touching Polish ballad ever.

Lyrics by Marek Dutkiewicz,
music by Romuald Lipko,
and incredible, unforgettable voice of Felicjan Andrzejczak.

Please, enjoy, vid from 1998, 16 years after the song's release.

Emigrowałem z objęć twych nad ranem
Dzień mnie wyganiał, nocą znów wracałem,
Dane nam było słońca zaćmienie,
Następne będzie może za sto lat

Felicjan Andrzejczak 

As it's a beautiful song, I still do not feel admirable to translate the lyrics to postpone its depth. In a word, think it's a great story of two separated lovers. A broken heart, and dream of freedom. The real 80's essence.

Ok, it's enough for today. I hope you've liked that. Please, feel free to comment.
Have a nice day,

As I've stated a few times before, I want to share with you different parts of 80's culture. According to my nationality, I know mostly Polish and American (or worldwide) stuff, so there's a moment to appeal - if you know any specific for your country 80s songs, films, etc., please, let me know. I'd love to check it and - maybe - describe, as well, mentioning your help. Let the idea of reviving the 80s be not only my lone scream!

photo by A. Nurczyk

And here it comes...

środa, 7 kwietnia 2010 1 komentarze

You, reading these words, make up a half of this blog's success. That means you've found the site and - hopefully - stay for a while. All in all, Rome was not built in one day, so let me start from the beginning.

My name is Olaf, I'm twenty and come from Poland. I'm too young to experience the 80s personally, but all its "living symbols" impressed me so much that I'd do anything to turn back time. And this blog is dedicated exactly to 80s, the wonder years.

Have you ever wondered why "present-day stars" are actually one-day stars? Why everybody knows The Rolling Stones or The Eagles? Why every motorization fan would die for an old-time Cadillac? Why the 80s things are still alive, in oppose to contemporary inventions hardly surviving more than a year?

I don't wanna say that Lady Gaga is a musical piece of shit. (But she really is)!

Who's gonna remember Rihanna in a few years? (Probably Chris Brown). And who knows Michael Jackson? Oh, everybody? That's surprising. No it isn't. At all! I don't wanna say that Lady Gaga is a musical piece of shit but she's got no chance to stay remembered.

Everybody knows David Hasselhoff and the Knight Rider - years 1982-1986 (I, born in 1990, have been watching it, too)! And, please forgive, who's gonna remember Robert-oh-I'm-so-tormented-Pattinson? No one. No one. No one! And that's great!

I don't know why (and this blog has to help me discover that) all the present top-hi-superb-mega-etc-stars are remembered only for a season or two? And - unlikely - plenty of 80's stars, even not so popular then, are still alive in 2010? Tell me, why...

I - through this blog - want to take you for a walk across the magic 80s world, its culture and phenomenon. For some of you that's gonna be a sentimental journey into the memories, for some - just a doubtless dream. All in all, please, have fun and enjoy.


(As it's the first real note in this blog, I've been wondering what
video to leave you with. It had to be an invitation to the 80s and
- simulatonously - characteristic and memory-awakening.
There's only one right choice.

The intro from - already mentioned - Knight Rider. Still alive!
(By the way, thanks to the uploader from YT).

All of your comments are kindly appreciated.

The last one before...

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The great opening is being even closer than ever before. Wait and support my quasi-webmaster efforts ;)